If you are passionate about creativity the career you can study is art and design, advertising and marketing among others, however; creativity has become one of the most demanded attributes by companies. The crisis caused by covid-19 has given way to an uncertain scenario which, in turn, has precipitated an imminent transformation of the labor market.

This exceptional situation threatens to increase unemployment figures and precarious contracts, especially among the youngest workers. Since 2007, unemployment among the under-25s has risen by 10 points, according to Eurostat.

However, this revolution in the labor market will create new opportunities for the most creative professional profiles, for which job offers are constantly increasing. Thus, a Randstad study on employment demand in 2016 warned that the technology sector will generate 450,000 jobs in the coming years.

Despite this, the current education system still keeps students’ creative skills on the sidelines. In many cases, this leads to frustration for many young people who do not identify with degree options or conventional career paths. Choose the career that best suits you.


Reference: Levante-emv