If you have asked yourself sometimes, how to create a study environment; since the space where you are going to study is important, because it helps to increase the student’s concentration; and that is why it is so necessary that the space is appropriate to their habits, something that the student himself must ensure.

Aspects such as the ventilation of the room, the combination of natural-indirect and artificial-direct light, the noise level, music for relaxation, among others, help to maintain the right environment for learning. Therefore, it is recommended to create a pleasant study environment, so you can develop your knowledge in a better way.

The student should be aware of the importance of always studying in the same place (bedroom, dining room, library…); as long as it is a place that facilitates his concentration and where he has all the necessary material within reach to continue with his work. For example, having textbooks and reference books, notes, papers, pens, fluorescent markers, etcetera.

If you study in the library; they usually have comfortable spaces to study, adequate light, little noise, and with reference books to continue expanding knowledge.

Road to success

It is obvious that study methods must have an eminently preventive approach in their application at school.

The approach must be global, insofar as it must be addressed to all students: to those who have difficulties with the acquisition of learning in school and also to all those who want to improve their way of studying.

This preliminary work has a double perspective; it can make a student motivated to learn to study better, while others can do it to study better than they already did, thus optimizing personal resources.

The importance of the application of study methods lies in the relationship between teaching how to study at school and the learning process itself of each of the subjects that are part of the curriculum. Educational centers should include in the curricular designs the subject of “learning to study” or incorporate methods that facilitate the knowledge of the different techniques that the student must use to learn.

It is the teacher who must take the first step to make students reflect and help them understand the importance of acquiring a series of strategies that allow them more progressive autonomy in the acquisition of new learning.


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